Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notable Notes

When I was with Nielsen, we had this pat-on-the-shoulder, two-thumbs-up, good-job scheme where you write a Notable Note for a fellow associate who did, well, a good job.

From my boss then, whom, I think, was happy because I was only four months into
the job and yet I was already about to win a major, at least 1 million-worth,
market research project.

Now that I'm teaching, I think this is the equivalent of that:

From Ia, 5, whom, I think, enjoyed the lessons and materials I showed her yesterday
so much that the first thing she did when she came in today was give me this.


  1. Aww..that's very heartwarming coming from these little big hearts.

  2. I keep the notes the kids give me...your definitely right about it's equivalency...if not holding it in higher regard. I wish I could put all my kids notes in with my resume! That should mean something!!!!

  3. Barbra, kids' notes in with the resume--I love that idea! :)