Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy as a Beaver

Sometimes, that's how I picture the children working in a Montessori classroom. As beavers shape their surrounding so that it will be suitable for them, so do children enthusiastically engage in and experience their environment (with the teacher as a bridge between the child and the environment) so that they can make sense of their world.

They enjoy sorting, matching, and arranging in the Sensorial area; quantifying in Math; decoding in Reading; nomenclating in Science and Cultural Arts; and doing some things (polishing, washing, cutting, etc.) that adults around them do in Practical Life. There is so much to do and the children are trusted to make the most out of their learning experience as they choose sufficiently challenging materials and work just when they are ready for and interested with them, just when they are excited to learn about them. "If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things." - Norman Douglas.

And I just love a busy day like this.
In the picture: Ia chose the Parts of the Leaf Wooden Puzzle,
Julia working on Parts of the Flower Wooden Puzzle,
Bea and Calie enjoying the Puzzle Map of Australia,
Javi digesting the Puzzle Map of North America.

Indeed, a busy day is when there is no more space for me to walk on; and so I can just sit in a corner and watch the children work "as if I did not exist".

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