Friday, January 22, 2010

From the Past and For the Future

From the Past
I have mentioned in passing in class before that my favorite animal is the elephant because, among other things, elephants have good memory, something I don't have, much to my dismay. The children though have elephantine memory and one of them made this for me:

Ms Honey's Pet. Anika, 5.

She insists that I'm Ms Honey today, and she's Mathilda;
because she just saw the 1996 movie, Matilda, last night on HBO.

For the Future
The older ones have been conscious of dates and time recently because we just had lessons about the calendar and the clock. Ia, 6, took the date stamp a while ago to mark the date on her work, realized that January was almost ending and made me this:

From Ia, 6.



  1. Oh, so sweet!
    I take pictures of these types of work and then publish them into a real book at
    I have published a book of my 4 year old's art projects and crafts. This way I can remember them forever!

  2. Oh thank you for introducing me to I should do that, too!!!