Wednesday, February 17, 2010

X Update

I will just say it simply and outright, X made me very happy this week.

He is now doing more advanced Practical Life work. I wish I can
upload videos here so I can post one of X really concentrating and
enjoying this pouring activity; completing an entire work cycle
without any prompting, including wiping occasional spills.

And he even worked on this puzzle map of South America,
reading the names of the countries (e.g. Brazil, Chile) as
he went along. On another day, he took out the puzzle map
of Asia and worked with it so diligently, stopping only to look
for me around the classroom to ask me how to read some tricky
country names like Kazakhstan and the other -stan countries.


  1. That is WONDERFUL!
    Thanks for sharing! Sometimes we need to hear that:)


  2. Thank you, Jody. X has PDD-NOS, and his old school wasn't able to take care of him. I'm glad to have him in my class even if it means having myself or the teacher aide mop and sweep spills everyday during the first few months. All the hard work and the occasional frustrations are worth it.

  3. I know how rewarding this feels. He is really enjoying himself...and he knows he is doing well-his own work encourages him now he has begun to encourage himself.
    Oh Mars...I am so happy for all of you.
    You didn't give up so neither did he.

  4. Thank you, Barbra. I'm really happy for X. Which makes the news I got this week more saddening. X's parents are not enrolling him to our school again next year. :(

    The thing is, X and his younger sister Y are both enrolled this year. They are both enjoying the Montessori environment and materials, but the parents feel that the sister Y is worrying so much about her brother X and it pulls her back. I somehow understand where they're coming from--they want Y to reach her fullest potential with us, but at the same time I worry that other environments may not be suitable for X. I don't want him to end up with private tutors, too, because I really think he's developing socially as well. I hope they change their minds.