Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Away

Oh my, I have been away, haven't I. My last post was more than a month ago and I had only 1 on February--yes, I was away, alright. But the reason I've been away last month is because I will be away for the whole of April and May. I'm going to New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington State, and Canada!!! I'm TOO excited, but I'll rein that in for a while and just show some of the children's work on paper from the past month.

Anika and Julia used the wooden puzzle from the Zoology Cabinet to make this work
which shows the different parts of the butterfly (compound eye, thorax etc). Weeks would
pass, yet they'd still know the names of these parts.

This time, Parts of a Turtle (though the flat, bottom part of a turtle's shell
is called the plastron).

This just amuses me every time I see it. The children are really keen on
the different animals and their characteristics--at least those that make
them visually distinct. I have children in my class who can name the different
kinds of snakes by looking at their skin color, and marking. One can match countries
to their flags. Often, it is amazing what you can learn from a child.

I just remembered one of the children in my class, Bea, 6, saying this to me one day when we were talking about Transportation, "Teacher Mars, you know when I went to Hong Kong, we rode a train that took us to Disneyland. If you take me to Hong Kong, I can show you." Bea lived 5 out of 6 years of her life in New York and her mom works at the Met--I should ask Bea to teach me a thing or two about the city before I leave for New York this summer (summer in this part of the world). Bea--we went on an educational field trip last February and this science center that we went to had replicas of the different famous building around the world. The tour guide mentioned the Freedom Tower, said it's in New York. Bea raised her hand and said, "I lived in New York, but I've never seen the Freedom Tower there before." Of course Bea made perfect sense (the tour guide realized); the Freedom Tower is due to be completed on 2013.


  1. To Canada, eh? Where abouts? If you are on Vancouver Island, come and visit out school.

  2. Hi Cynthia, I will be in Toronto, and Google Maps says that Vancouver Island is on the other side of Canada. But I would love to come and visit since it should be near Seattle already?

    Thanks for inviting me! That gave me an idea--to visit Montessori schools!

  3. Yes, we are MILES away from Toronto but not too far from Seattle. Consider that an open-ended invitation!

  4. Thank you so much, Ms. Cynthia. :)