Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hopping Bunny and Carrot | Fine Motor Fun

Here's a material I prepared that got the children in my class almost jumping with excitement the first time I showed it to them. I told the children that we were going to make the bunny hop along the carrot patch to help him get some carrots to eat.

Things we need:
  • Flat styroboard, which I painted green
  • Pen with no more ink
  • Just a quick but important note about your tray: Make sure it is just right so as not to get in the way of your child's hand/wrist when doing this activity. Take the styroboard out of the tray when working if you can't get a perfect tray just yet.
  • Bunny and carrot template
Just cut the squares up and laminate the bunny and stick it on the inkless pen.

The children make the rabbit "hop" along the orange dots, punching small holes 
with the tip of the inkless pen as they go along.
Note: See if you can position the bunny on the pen so as to discourage the child
from using his/her fisted/stabbing grip. Lower the bunny along the pen so there is
just enough comfortable space for a tripod grip.

Because the orange dots are close together, soon there will be a perforation,
easy enough for the children to tear.

When done, the child carefully tears out the carrot.

This is a good exercise for easing the child into holding and eventually using a writing tool.
Without having to mind his/her strokes on a paper first, the child is able to concentrate,
albeit unknowingly, on stabilizing and strengthening his/her grip, while just moving
up and down along the dotted line.

The hopping bunny and the consequent carrot is an effective point of interest for children
who shy away from holding a pen/pencil altogether or for those who are intimidated by the
seemingly long task of punching through a number of dots.

The children in my classroom love to do several in one sitting. 
They wanted to make sure the bunny doesn't go hungry.

Try some bunny crafts and a very cute bunny food treat.


  1. What a creative approach to pin punching! The kids in my class would have LOVED doing this - I'll have to save this idea for when Elise gets a little older. I loved that some of the kids did several so the bunny wouldn't go - how sweet!

  2. Thank you again, Anne!

    Incidentally, I have been reading your blog and saw that you have been teaching until you had your own Elise. I've been wondering for months what that would be like since I'm planning to do the same thing when my turn comes (I'm 18 weeks pregnant). It's great that I get to have you, Elise, and you blog for reference. :)

  3. I love this! And by that, I mean I would enjoy the activity myself :) At what age do you usually present this activity?
    Thank you for your comment! Looking forward to reading more of you,

  4. Hi, Deb! I know what you mean! I enjoy doing this myself, too! :)

    I presented this in class, even to the younger children--around 2.8 year-olds. They enjoyed it! Though I expected some of the younger ones to get tired, I think the bunny and carrot got their interest and kept them motivated to finish the work. :)

    Thank you for your comment. And you can bet you're on my reading list daily.

  5. I absolutely love this activity and your printable. Am going to try with my twin who has a few issues with her fine motor development. I still have trouble getting her to use tripod grip instead of the fisted grasp when using spoons and pens etc so I think this could be really helpful. Am sure some of the older home day care kids will like it too. So glad to have found your blog and thanks for stopping by mine recently :)Shall be pinning to my boards!

  6. Hi, Jodie! Thank you for dropping by and for pinning! :) Yes, even the older children love this activity in my class, too! :)

    Looking forward to read more from you. :)

  7. this will be nice for easter!!! thanks for this post

    1. You're welcome, Mommywise Babywise! :) Have fun!