Monday, March 3, 2014

Painting Fun with Fruit Peelings

I thought about doing this activity with my cousin's daughters, Elisha who just turned 5 and Adah, almost 4; while I was slicing cantaloupes and squeezing oranges for breakfast. So before these fruit peelings end up in the bin, we had extra fun painting with them first.

We dried them out under the sun. It was a perfect sunny day for an outdoor painting activity!

While cutting up some cantaloupes/melons, I thought the rough lines you see there could
make nice imprints. When I was training to be a Montessori teacher, it was mentioned that
some people have apprehensions about using food for art.
I thought this was an economical and practical alternative to using fruits for art,
using something we otherwise would have thrown away immediately anyway.

Here's Elisha putting some paint on the cantaloupe peel, on the rough part with lines.
Just a quick note on the consistency of your paint: I always say, experiment on
paint consistency first always because it has such a contribution to the success of art activities.

Here's Adah painting with her cantaloupe peel.
They didn't have aprons in the house, but promised to be careful with their pretty dresses.

I thought the cantaloupe peel did make some interesting imprints. Here's Adah's first work.
They made several and was busy with the activity for more than an hour, 
only stopping when we already had to leave.

Here's Elisha's.

They used the orange peels, too. At first I showed them how they can use the "rim" of the
halved orange peel to make prints like the ones you see there. 
Adah said they look like big mouths.

But later on, Elisha thought she can hold the orange peel that way 
and use the remaining pulp inside!

Elisha also thought of painting on the smooth side of the cantaloupe peel.

Here's what she came up with on paper.

Adah thought it would be fun to let the cantaloupe peel glide across her paper,
"like a boat", she said.

Even later, Elisha thought of mixing the colors together.
She was thrilled to discover that they made brown.

And really their discoveries and inventions, their own take on using fruit peelings for art, 
made my afternoon!
Those, and their smiles.

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