Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wow Mom Card Craft

Yesterday. Mid-morning nap. Beside my own Mama. I was about to fall asleep, doing some eyes-closed relaxation exercises my husband and I learned from last Sunday's Prepared Childbirth Class with Rome Kanapi, when I felt my Mama gently stroke my hair.

I realized then how big my own pregnancy and motherhood is for her as well. I can only imagine it, but it must be something else, too, to have your daughter become a mother herself; and to be a grandmother.

Also, I remembered that Mother's Day is coming and that my sisters and I have yet to plan something for our very own mother.

Then I realized, most probably because my own baby's birth date is coming soon, that the best time to really celebrate my Mama's Mother's Day is during my own birthday, the same day when she actually became a mother. And my sisters' birthdays. Those were the days when she was her bravest, her strongest, her happiest, her most fulfilled, her most miraculous.

And so my next birthday will be celebrated differently.

For the meantime, for this Mother's Day, maybe a WOW MOM Card Craft (among other things)!

- WOW MOM Template
- Paperboard or poster paper/board (cartolina), at least A4 in size, in the color that mom will like
- Decorating materials of your choice (coloring materials, paint, stickers, sequins, glitters, what-have-you)
- Glue and scissors for preparing the card
- Newsprint and apron as needed

Download and print the template on a paperboard.

Cut the 'MOM' template out.
Also, fold the paperboard or poster paper/board you'll use for the card, lengthwise.

Place the 'MOM' template on top of the folded paperboard.
Make sure that the top edge of the 'MOM' template is along the folded side of the paperboard.

Trace the template onto the paperboard.

Then just cut. Make sure you don't cut along the folded side of the paperboard so it remains just that, folded.

Open. And WOW MOM!

Cut up and paste the oval message template. Or if your child can already write, he/she can copy the message. Or better yet, write his/her own.

Then just have fun decorating the card any which way you like!

This idea I got from Teachers Pay Teachers (they tie it up with an elementary line symmetry lesson so head on over there if you'd like to see that). There are other WOW MOM card ideas from Make and Takes.

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. So true mommy! My mom was so excited when I was pregnant with my kids and she always reminded me to eat well and rest a lot. I think she was more nervous that I was during the deliveries! Love the printable! Will have the kids make this card for Lola. :)

    1. I think that will be the case with my Mama, too--she'll be even more nervous than me. Just recently, when I was in the labor room because of the premature contractions, my Mama even knocked and asked to be buzzed into the DR! Though I think I, and every other mom, would have done the same!

      Thank you, Jhanis! Hope the kids enjoy making this card for Lola. Happy Mother's Day! :)