Saturday, May 9, 2015

Infant Finger Painting

It has been raining lately and we've been missing the colors of the skies during our afternoon walks. So I thought we'd just paint them. 

We set up an extra shower curtain on the floor and 9-month-old Cara's highchair (while we wait for her weaning table and chair) by the window that lets in the welcomed wind that weaves through the house from one of the gardens.

Instead of using cornstarch as in my post Coloring with Cornstarch, Crayons Can Wait, this time we used flour--a heap on a teaspoon, plus 5 teaspoons of water and food coloring. I liked this consistency better.

And I just let her have a go.

I love how she's discovering something new she can do with her hands!

She had that "learning look" I described on my previous post
In any case, I think she liked and/or was curious about the activity because she got another paper and worked some more.

I was deliberating on whether or not to tape the paper down on the table. I'm glad I didn't because I happily observed how she took the paper, turned it towards her, and just looked at her work.

After a long, gray day, Daddy came home to a surprise, his daughter's first art.

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