Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I See Montessori: Repurposing Things into DIY Montessori

Some years ago, before I became a Montessori teacher, when I still worked for a market research agency (my dream job when I was in college) and one of my bestfriends still worked for a TV network, during one of our conversations we concluded that while your job does not define you as what is often said, it sure does affect your way of thinking, your way of seeing the world.

I was reminded of this when my husband came home one time with a coffee cup (one of those giveaways from an event at work) inside a box (one with a round hole so you can see the cup's design) and not even caring for the cup at that time, my top-of-mind then was: A Montessori Imbucare box!

We used this while waiting for our wooden ones.

We drop a cylinder in...

Open the box/"door"...

And reach in to get the cylinder. 
This is a good material to introduce after the Object Permanence Box which we also did a DIY of.

When I was working for that market research agency, I used to go to the grocery and think about the results of FGDs and the SKUs of coffee and shampoo and what-have-you's. Now as a Montessori teacher and mother, I think about which coffee will work nicely for tracing the letters with or which shampoo to use for a Practical Life beating bubbles activity.

And an almost empty bottle of contact lens solution...

And a couple of almost empty rolls of Washi tape...

 Become a fine motor activity.
And here are other Montessori materials you can DIY using bottles--Smelling Jars and Tasting Bottles by Mama's Happy Hive.

Sometimes you see furniture and brave the saw to make it child-size like this DIY weaning table by Bread and Roses.

And other times, you transform a toy into a Montessori-inspired something--or in this case, an amazing 13 different things/activities using the Melissa and Doug wooden abacus by Planting Peas

So let's look around some more and see more Montessori. I'd love to see what you have/you will repurpose into a DIY Montessori material /activity--do share on Montessori on Mars' Facebook page. Maybe I can include them in a future round-up. And don't forget to share this (or any of my posts) using the buttons there on the left or at the bottom.

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  1. Beautiful post - Montessori really is a reflection of the world around us, so it only makes sense to look for the Montessori opportunities intrinsic in these every day objects. :)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! Also interesting is how the child sees these daily objects and creates her own version of work reminiscent of Montessori. To me, it validates Maria Montessori's observations. :-)