Thursday, August 6, 2015

Montessori Shelves at 12 Months

I'll write a worthy my-daughter-is-now-one-year-old post when it has become a little less surreal. For now, I'd like to share what's on our shelves these days.

This is our Sensorial shelf,
Starting from top, left - Textured balls--such a favorite
- A basket of bottles with colored water (in primary and secondary colors)
- Bells
- A soft yellow ball (which goes with the Imbucare box with drawer--not seen on the picture--used these days as a stool!)
Below - Shape sorter
- The first box of color tablets
- A basket of different ribbons

I love that we now have a richer music area!
There are no battery-operated instruments here. We have ones that were carefully selected, making sure they have lovely sounds (the piano could sound better, but the ones that do are double the price so this will do nicely for now, until we get a big one).

Fine Motor Activities, sequenced according to level of difficulty.
Starting from top, left - A red block with mirror as added point of interest (which can be held using palmar grasp)
- Imbucare Peg Box and beside it, a Peg Board (both practicing the three-finger grasp)

Below (I started the sequence from the right because, you can't see it here, the mats on the floor are on the left side of the shelf and I want the glass materials to be where the mats are.
Below, from right - A tissue holder with blocks inside
- A small bottle with wooden buttons
- A small mason jar with lid (one hole) and small cut-up straws
- A toothpick holder (smaller, multiple holes) with wooden sticks
Note that the materials are arranged according to level of difficulty--Biggest to smallest holes and items to put in

I'll write more about having glasses and buttons and sticks in our environment--which we started using even at 10 months--in another post. You may watch her work with some of these materials on Montessori on Mars' page on Facebook.

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  1. Mars! Where do you get the wooden musical instruments? We've been trying to find those for what seems like ages! -Melodie

    1. Hi, Melodie! The drum (Hape) and piano (Boikido) are from Rustan's. The xylophone musical set (Plan Toys) from Build City (Shangri-la). The castanets are Melissa and Doug (Ogalala, Shang). The tambourine and maracas are from Japan. :-)