Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Good Mornings with Moringa: A Montessori Practical Life Exercise

I just enjoy our schedule these days. We've moved walks from afternoons to mornings and I love how we get to start the day with an eagerness to go outside, an appreciation for our environment, and inspirations for materials and activities from nature.

One such activity is harvesting branches of moringa (locally called malunggay) and picking the leaves; which we would then use in most of our meals (we put them in almost everything--excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium--among other things).

Since the trees are just on our other lot (which we hope to grow into a more intentional vegetable garden one day), this fine motor, practical life exercise is so economical and easy to put together. And since she does this with us while we're preparing meals (and she's the one who puts the leaves into the pot or pan, into the soup or dish), it's also a nice way to foster responsibility as a member of the household.

Here are some other things we've done in the kitchen (click/tap on the photos to go to the link/post):

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