To You Who are Concerned

#MontessoriOn #PreparedAdultFirst

Communicating I'm concerned by starting with saying exactly that--and some of my observations about using this phrase

Keep it Under Control of Error

#MontessoriOn #PreparedAdultFirst

How we can keep our calm and keep things (most importantly ourselves) under control with this Montessori tool

I Can’t Say “I Can’t Let You”

#MontessoriOn #PreparedAdultFirst

My discomfort with a famous recommended parenting phrase and the alternative I use instead when something needs to be stopped

When I’m Mad


4 steps I try to take to help me get through challenging moments. And some things on our Peace Table.

Poem Puzzles

#PreparedAdultFirst #TheChildsMethod

A work to help remember poems; and Montessori principles to consider when making materials

Square Numbers

#MontessoriOn #TheChildsMethod

Square numbers and motivation when feeling like we're back to square one

More Than A Peeling

#MontessoriOn #ThePlanIsToPlant

A simple, but purposeful Practical Life work for children using banana peels

Free Fertilizer Tea

#MontessoriOn #ThePlanIsToPlant

Making nitrogen-rich fertilizer tea using weeds we pull out from the garden

No-Cost Montessori

#MontessoriOn #PreparedAdultFirst

How to start Montessori as in right now or how to Montessori On

Popped Balloon Art


What we did to balloons we saw at a big birthday party we were invited to

Mama, Moon


The beginnings of her fascination with the moon, spacecrafts, and astronauts.

Bona Fide Bones


For a child fascinated with bones, these are some interesting treasures.

Clocks and Rhythm


The different clocks we have around the house and our daily rhythm at home

Tea and Poetry


She loves serving drinks when we have visitors, so we're making fruit tea.

Cut-Out Cats


Meeting Henri Matisse and exploring one of his art styles: Cut-Outs

No-Letters Alphabet Work


Our first alphabet work did not have any letters at all. Here's what we did instead.